UWMC Campaign Toolkit

Welcome Campaign Leaders and Thank You!

By supporting United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, you are changing the story for children, families and entire neighborhoods across our region. When you help your organization partner with United Way, you are a catalyst for positive change in 60 communities of greatest need. This Online Campaign Toolkit is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to have a successful partnership with United Way. Below is a menu of support materials that are available to you. Please check back periodically for more resources. Thank you!

Menu of Support Materials

Core Resources

Campaign Leader’s Guide
Donor Guide
Donor Guide – Print Version
Community Impact Brochure
Results Dashboard
Sales Deck (PowerPoint)
Sales Deck (pdf)
Talking Points and Sample Speech
2015 Annual Report
Posters 11 x 17
Posters 18 x 26
Labor Poster
Labor Brochure
Education Initiative
Income Initiative
Health Initiative
Safety Net Initiative
Our Work with Veterans
Regional Map
Partner Agency List
Referral Card
Mini Display
Hop-Up Display 31 x 31
Hop-Up Display 31 x 61
Wing Display
Spanish Donor Guide
Spanish Posters
Table Tent
What Can My United Way Donation Do?
How is United Way Making an Impact?
Veterans One Pager
Trivia Questions
Smarties Game

Give Resources

General Pledge Form
Designation Pledge Form
United Pride Pledge Form
Women’s Leadership Council Pledge Form
Young Leaders Society Pledge Form
Leadership Giving Pledge Form
Tocqueville Society Pledge Form
Tocqueville Society Commitment Card
Chairman’s Circle Pledge Form
Spanish Pledge Form
Stock Giving Instructions – Morgan Stanley

Video Resources

2016 Campaign – The Power of We
Together, We Can Change the Story – Education
Together, We Can Change the Story – Income
Together, We Can Change the Story – Health
EITCVideo_Center for Economic Progress
2015 Campaign Video
2015 Eduardo’s Story
2015 Frankie’s Story
2015 Lisa’s Story
2015 Maria’s Story
2015 Towannah’s Story
2015 Vanessa’s Story
2014 Alyssa’s Story
2014 Ana’s Story
2014 Angelo’s Story
2014 Caroline’s Story
2014 Christine’s Story
2014 Judy’s Story
2014 Luz’s Story
2014 Mike’s Story
2014 Nicole’s Story
2014 Yolanda’s Story
For a complete list of our videos, visit our YouTube Channel